Sail off into the horizon on a 37' cutter or on the 72' schooner Jeanie B. The sailing experience of a lifetime!


Set sail on the high seas of North Carolina’s legendary coast with our Sailing Trek. The Pamlico Sea Base has partnered with the schooner Jeanie B to offer the sailing experience of a lifetime. With no prior sailing experience needed, the Sailing Trek is designed to get you off the couch and behind the helm of a real tall-ship sailing vessel. Participants will learn the fundamentals of overnight sailing in a classroom setting of the open seas. Celestial navigation, sextons, and more await you as you and your crew live aboard and take control from the get-go. The program is designed so that everyone gets to participate in every facet of the Trek. From navigating to creasing the sheet, and everything in between, as a member of the crew you will learn the ins-and-outs of overnight sailing.